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Apply to this position and upload your CV! We can find you a matching internship :)


    • If you are looking for an internship to establish your career, we are here to help you!
    • Please upload your CV!

Jelentkezz hozzánk:

    • You have to be an active student in a Hungarian school/university in order to work as a student
    • You need a tax number, we can help you claim one
    • You are able to work up to 30 hours/week during the semester as a foreign student (if you came form outside of the European Union)

Egyéb információ

Work as a student in Hungary!

Amit kínálunk

    • Commercial Intern
    • Office manager
    • Administrative Intern
    • Customer Service Intern
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italien
    • Junior Product Owner
    • Junior Project manager
    • Procurement Intern

Állás, munka területe(i):

  • Szakmunka
  • Egyéb szakmunka

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