Active Directory Engineer


  • Acting as an interface between customer and T-Systems Operations for AD Services, which will be provided and operated for the customer
  • Alignment with the customer about received non-standard change requests and the delivery from Operations side
  • Acting as first technical contact for customer AD Services related requests
  • Alignment, planning and preparing of all necessary tasks to fulfill the customer request (e.g. planning of necessary changes, runbooks etc.)
  • Participation at customer CAB Meetings
  • Effort estimation and coordination with Service Delivery Managers
  • Knowledge transfer between involved units

If you have…

  • Experience in Active Directory Services (AD DS, AD LDS, AD FS, DFS-N,  AADConnect, AzureAD)
  • Experience in AD related network Services (DNS, DHCP, NTP)
  • College or University degree in Computer Science or a related discipline
  • Deep knowledge in Active Directory technologies (i.e. AD domain, AD federation services, DNS) and their requirements (e.g. NW dependencies)
  • Experience with public, private and hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Ability to recognize and determine the necessary delivery parts of a customer request for AD Services
  • Ability to align a required Service delivery with the customer and with the operations for Directory Services
  • Ability to plan and describe all necessary activities with involved units (on customer side, on T-Systems side, e.g. Network requirements as Load Balancer, VM Server deployment, FW, Network deployment etc.)
  • Deep understanding of acting as customer Engineer between customer and Operations
  • Experience in service delivery projects and processes
  • Fluent German and English speaking and writing skills


  • Team player, has outward mindset, open to innovation, development and changes
Cégnév: Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Kft.
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